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Independent Living Training sessions


In 2018, Motivation Romania Foundation celebrates 23 years of activity. In figures, these years translate into more than 20,000 wheelchair users who received personalized wheelchairs and necessary training for an independent life. Our goal is to reach as many beneficiaries as possible, to give them the power to move forward.

At the Independent Living Training sessions we will continue to organize this year, we will help wheelchair users regain their independence. Motivation Foundation specialists have structured these sessions so that participants learn from our trainers how to handle the wheelchair, to overcome thresholds, steps or curbs, to carry out self-care, or to prevent life-threatening health issues such as pressure sores or urinary infections.

For people with mobility disabilities who are just starting to learn to use their wheelchair, we created the “Abilities Matter” kit, whereby we provide basic information and tools for increased independence in the wheelchair. In 2018, 200 children and adults in wheelchairs will receive these kits, which includes:

  • Wheelchair User’s Guide
  • Wheelchair repair kit
  • Reaching and grabbing assist tool
  • Personal care products
  • Backpack
  • Gloves for wheelchair handling
  • Raincoat.


Throughout the year we carry out campaigns that promote respect for and promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities. With each campaign we aim to reach a large and diverse audience: children, parents, drivers, employers and their employees, teachers and students, professionals working in different areas. We want to help prevent spinal cord injuries, change attitudes, improve accessibility and enable wheelchair users to live independently.

Sports events

We continue to promote our projects and the people in wheelchairs they help, so that we change the bias that wheelchair users are vulnerable and isolated. We take every opportunity to show the opposite. We participate in sports events demonstrating the abilities of people with disabilities and raise funds to support independent living programs that help develop these skills for those who have recently become wheelchair users.

IMPACT for abandoned youth with disabilities


Since 2003, we took out 37 young people with disabilities from the Tâncăbeşti placement centre in Ilfov County. Today, 27 of them are young adults and still live in Motivation`s family-like homes. To meet their health and personal development needs, we created an occupational workshop that offers adapted learning and work opportunities in areas like gardening, pottery, carpentry, decorative objects and painting. Some of our young adults graduated from mainstream or special schools. They all continue to receive personalized care, physiotherapy, medical services or mobility equipment.

In 2018, some of our young adults still learn to work at their new jobs in the community. As in previous years, they continue to participate in Special Olympics competitions, meet friends from companies and go to summer camps and trips.

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