Motivation was established in 1995 and since then it has been providing support to children and youth with disabilities in Romania.

Our initiatives and successes have recommended us in 2002 to the international alliance IMPACT (organizations for people with disabilities from the United States, Great Britain, Germany and Norway), who invited us to develop a project of deinstitutionalization of children with disabilities in Romania. In 2008, Shaw Trust organization, one of the largest providers of employment services for people with disabilities in UK, proposed us to become partners to jointly develop sustainable support services for people with disabilities in Romania.

We are also members of the ANCOR and Workability Europe Federations, and starting 2004 we are affiliated to the International Tennis Federation’s wheelchair tennis program.

Since 2013 Motivation is certified to provide training courses for the profession of Wheelchair technician, based on the training packages and wheelchair service recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). In 2014, Motivation also started to provide trainings for specialists on the implementation of the International Classiffication of Functioning, Disability and Health, an WHO instrument aimed at introducing an ability-centered approach to services.

Since 1995, Motivation Romania gave back freedom of movement and hope in a life of fulfillment to over 18,000 children and adults with disabilities.

Our programs focus on social, educational and professional inclusion of persons with disabilities. Our services cover a wide range of needs of children and adults with disabilities, from appropriate equipment for different types of mobility disabilities, to physical rehabilitation and independent living training, by a multidisciplinary team including trainers who are wheelchair users themselves.

We also provide accessibility support, employment services for people with disabilities, day services or leisure activities such as adapted sports or cultural events.

One of our most important initiatives was to develop the community care services for children with disabilities from state-run institutions. Since January 2003, through the Impact program we transferred 37 abandoned children with disabilities.

Today, 27 of them have become adults and still live in Motivation’s group-homes. In addition to 24-hour residential services, we also provide medical and psychological rehabilitation, day activities and an occupational support. They participate in educational activities at the Motivation day center, in public special or mainstream schools. We organize camps and other activities designed to bring the lives of our young adults closer to those of a true family.

Motivation Romania Foundation is not affiliated with any religious group or political party, either formally or informally.

To develop sustainable programs that improve the quality of life of people with disabilities in Romania.

We aim to grow Motivation into a regional leader in social inclusion of people with disabilities through actions leading to an independent and active life for them and to attitude changes among people with and without disabilities from the community. Motivation will continue to provide expertise to similar organizations in Romania and East Europe.

Motivation grows through our own strength, we continue to develop a regional network of mobility and independent living services for people with disabilities, and we learn to become self-sustainable and to support our clients from the incomes of our social enterprises.

Transparency, Responsibility, Trust

  • To facilitate the access of people with disabilities in Romania to quality mobility equipments for truly independent living.
  • To support the supply of sustainable local services for people with disabilities.
  • To facilitate independence and access to rights for people with disabilities.
  • To increase community participation in service provision for this group