The active rehabilitation program includes peer group independent living trainingphysiotherapy and counseling sessions. These services are provided to persons who have recently become wheelchair users or who haven’t had the occasion to find out how to live independently yet, after the accidents they had. The impact of the program is given especially by the involvement of independent living trainers who are wheelchair users themselves, who overcome the barriers they had met and who are now successful models for the ones who have recently become wheelchair users.

Peer Group Independent Living Training is an intensive training program for new wheelchair users. The independent living training sessions are developed under the guidance of an independent living trainer who is also a wheelchair user – a model of success who uses his personal example and his experience to teach others how to manage by themselves while using a wheelchair. During the training sessions, the participants learn about correct positioning in a wheelchair, wheelchair handling techniques (how to go up and down a ramp and how to overcome obstacles), about transfer techniques, about prevention and treatment of some medical complications related to disability, as well as personal hygiene, sexuality, social and school inclusion.

Individual counseling and support group sessions help the participants to gain more self-confidence, to overcome the obstacles that may appear and to become active members of their communities and families.


Motivation Romania Foundation organizes free of charge independent living training sessions which last for about one week. The recruitment of the participants is made with the support of the regional Motivation teams, after the functional assessment made by our specialists.

During the physiotherapy sessions, our specialists recommend a customized program of exercises, adapted for the needs and abilities of each of the participants.