With the help of the IMPACT Alliance, of two USAID-World Learning grants in 2002-2005 and with funds from international donors (including the European Commission, the Timken Foundation, Co-operating Netherlands Foundations, Vodafone Romania Foundation, United Way Romania, and others) the project led to:

  • Transfer of 37 children with severe disabilities from Tâncăbești Placement Center to community settings (group homes, foster families, natural families);
  • Creating a vocational workshop that provides our young adults learning opportunities and jobs in gardening, carpentry, pottery, decorative objects and painting;
  • Access to mainstream and special education;
  • Personalized physiotherapy program, medical services and mobility equipment, according to needs;
  • Participation in Special Olympics events, social activities and summer camps;
  • Training programs for childcare specialists working in placement centers, child protection departments and non-governmental organizations.

IMPACT Romania project, initiated in 2002 by Motivation Romania Foundation, aimed to transfer 22 severely disabled children from an institution in Ilfov County to three family-like homes and to provide support services to improve the quality of their lives.