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With the help of the IMPACT Alliance, of two USAID-World Learning grants in 2002-2005 and with funds from international donors (including the European Commission, the Timken Foundation, Co-operating Netherlands Foundations, Vodafone Romania Foundation, United Way Romania, and others) the project led to:

  • Transfer of 37 children with severe disabilities from Tâncăbești Placement Center to community settings (group homes, foster families, natural families);
  • Creating a vocational workshop that provides our young adults learning opportunities and jobs in gardening, carpentry, pottery, decorative objects and painting;
  • Access to mainstream and special education;
  • Personalized physiotherapy program, medical services and mobility equipment, according to needs;
  • Participation in Special Olympics events, social activities and summer camps;
  • Training programs for childcare specialists working in placement centers, child protection departments and non-governmental organizations.

IMPACT Romania project, initiated in 2002 by Motivation Romania Foundation, aimed to transfer 22 severely disabled children from an institution in Ilfov County to three family-like homes and to provide support services to improve the quality of their lives.

Ongoing projects

37 children had another chance to live as close to family environment life as possible. Since 2003, their destiny took a good turn in Motivation family-like homes and professional foster carers, where they have received the love and attention they needed.
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27 of the 37 children taken over by Motivation from placement centers live in five family-type homes built with the help of the IMPACT Alliance, Habitat for Humanity Romania, Vodafone Romania Foundation and other donors. The other young are placed in professional foster care, where they have cognitive progress.
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Within Motivation Day Center, young people with disabilities in our homes, from foster families or from community participate in educational activities tailored to their individual needs, receive the support of the physical therapist, psychologist or team speech therapist, take part in celebrations, parties and seasonal camps.
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Most young people with disabilities face difficulties in integrating in the community, in dealing with other children and with adults. For the development of social skills, educational staff organizes specific activities such as visits to museums, camps and excursions, sports competitions, etc.
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Young people with disabilities from the Motivation family-like homes make candles, gypsum, clay and fimo objects in the workshop for occupational therapy, as well as hand-made greeting cards. Choose what you like best, and help them be part of the community!
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Ended projects

The “Gentle Teaching in Romania” project, implemented by Motivation Romania Foundation in partnership with Special Olympics Foundation in Romania, aimed to develop services for people with intellectual and related disabilities, using a new method of working in Romania – Gentle Teaching. The project was funded through EEA grants 2009 – 2014, within the NGO Fund in Romania.
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