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Motivation’s history began in 1995 with wheelchair production. The most important principle which we have remained loyal to all these years is that of providing the best mobility solution to each of those who ask for our support. Motivation’s wheelchairs are adapted to the individual needs of each user, and are always accompanied by training and advice for independent use. In Romania, Motivation is the only supplier of special equipments adapted to the needs of children with mobility disabilities, including Cerebral Palsy.

Motivation promotes wheelchair sportsas an important argument in support of the right of people with disabilities to integration. Wheelchair sports encourage users to recognize and appreciate their ability to remain active and involved in society. Wheelchair sports events are occasions to celebrate mobility, performance and fair play.

The employment services for people with disabilities offered by Motivation aim to limit one of the most dramatic effects of disability – the isolation of the individual – through social and professional inclusion. Lack of constant occupation and the unsatisfied need to belong to a group and to be valued by its members make disability harder to bear, causing damage to individual and family welfare. To address these needs, our service mediates labor market placement of persons with disabilities who can and want to work.

The IMPACT Romania project, initiated in 2002, proposed to transfer 22 children with severe developmental disabilities from an institution in Ilfov county to three homes and provide support services to improve the quality of their lives. Through this program we transferred 37 children with disabilities from Tancabesti Placement Center (Ilfov). Of these, 27 live in Motivation’s group-homes.