Wheelchair sports events are a celebration of mobility, performance and fair play in all their forms. We organize sporting events and participate in competitions to demonstrate the skills of people with disabilities. Athlete wheelchair users practice basketball, field tennis, athletics, archery and swimming.

Basketball in a wheelchair. Motivation team in wheelchair is a member of the Romanian Basketball Federation since 2002. Our athletes take part in numerous sports competitions and demonstrations. Demonstration events are organized alongside non-community members to demonstrate them that boundaries can be overcome and that skills matter. Also, with us there are volunteers from partner organizations, willing to test another type of basketball and game maneuvers, such as dribbling and panning from a wheelchair.



Tennis in the wheelchair. In 2009, we organized an international wheelchair tennis tournament, “Motivation Romania Open2009“, with ITF points. In 2015, we organized a sports field table tennis with the support of the United States Embassy in Bucharest and the State Department of the United States of America through the Sports United program. On this occasion, Paul Walker, the coach of the US Women’s Tennis Team in the US Chair and Karin Korb, the double Paralympic champion, has been training roller coaster for young wheelchair users.



Swimming. Although they only use the force of their arms to swim on the swimming lanes, our athletes have participated over time at 24 Hours of Swimming Marathon in Braşov and have made a tradition of organizing the Motivation – Vodafone, which includes mixed teams of people with locomotors disabilities, Vodafone volunteers and young people with intellectual disabilities.




Athletic Motivation sportsmen are practicing also archery, athletics, weight loss, table tennis and bocce, disciplines in which we also initiate other wheelchair users during our active recovery programs.




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