Mobility and Independent Living for youth with disabilities in Romania

Disability should not mean isolation. Young people with disabilities deserve and can have a fulfilling life!

Project funded with the financial support of RO10-CORAI program, program funded through 2009-2014 EEA Grants and managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund.

Between January 20, 2015 and October 31, 2016, Motivation Romania Foundation, in partnership with Special Olympics Romania Foundation implements the project “Mobility and Independent Living for youth with disabilities in Romania”. The projects aims to contribute to the social and economic inclusion of young people with physical and intellectual disabilities in our country by creating a system of integrated services.

The services in the project are dedicated to young people with physical and developmental disabilities, aged between 16 and 29 years, coming from rural, poor or isolated areas, with limited access to health services, education and employment.

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