Motivation Romania Foundation is the only organization in Romania that provides individually prescribed wheelchairs along with independent living training with the help of instructors who are wheelchairs users themselves. The program of evaluation and prescription of mobility equipment at Motivation Romania Foundation is based on the concept that the wheelchair must be prescribed to meet the physical and functional needs of each user. Since 1995, we have given back the freedom of movement and hope for a better life to more than 14500 wheelchair users.

Our specialists from the Motivation teams respect the recommendations made by the World Health Organization, in which concerns the evaluation, prescription, delivery and adjustment of wheelchairs. As a result of the assessment of the user, several aspects are taken into consideration, such as the dimensions, the diagnosis, the needs of the user, as well as the purpose and the environment where the wheelchair would be used. To ensure appropriate use of the wheelchair and to increase the independence of the user, the wheelchair should be accompanied by an appropriate training of the user and of the personal assistant, in terms of wheelchair handling techniques.

The lack of special adaptations and of appropriate wheelchair assessment, prescription and user training services can lead to the occurrence of side effects including permanent postural deformities and serious medical complications.

Once in five years, the National Health Insurance Agency covers the costs of a regulat wheelchair. The equipment should be customized and meet the needs of the users. For people with mobility disabilities who need wheelchairs to move around, but do not meet the criteria of the health insurance system, do not have the financial means to purchase mobility equipement or need complex adjustments, we created the Wheelchairs Fund. Individual donations that go there, as well as the partnerships we have with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Agape Foundation help us to donate wheelchairs, as a result of an assessment and a social inquiry which prove that the beneficiary does not have resources to get a wheelchair on their own.