mariusMarius lives at the countryside, in a rural area from Dolj County. Our team first met him in April 2015 and they provided a wheelchair and training, for him to be able to move around.The wheelchair that Marius received broke because of the hills and the pits that he has to overcome every day in order to get out of his house. This is why our team made a new donation to replace the broken wheelchair, in February 2016. Soon after that, Marius participated in a sports camp organized by Motivation Romania Foundation. This gave him more confidence and also helped him gain independence.

Marius is 20 years old and like him many Romanians have limited access to individually prescribed and adapted wheelchairs.

For them, Motivation Romania Foundation created the Wheelchair Users Support Fund.
With your support, the Fund helps improve the mobility and independence of children and adults with mobility disabilities in Romania
. Donations collected in this fund will be used to pay the difference between the amount covered by Health Insurance Agency and the real cost of a wheelchair, or the full cost of a wheelchair for those who do not qualify for wheelchair payment through the Health Insurance Agency (e.g., children who are growing and need another wheelchair in less than five years).

You can help children with disabilities in Romania receive an appropriate wheelchair by donating to the Motivation Wheelchair Fund via PayPal directly from our website or to the accounts listed below. Please mention „For the Wheelchair Fund” on the receipt and help us help them!

Bank: Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR), Plevnei branch

Account for donations in RON: RO 98 RNCB 0071 0114 2739 0030
Account for donations in Euro: RO 13 RNCB 0071 0114 2739 0008

To send you updates or more information, please write us at