“Abilities Matter in the Market Economy” project aims to set up 8 new social businesses, which will provide new services for people with disabilities, which are currently offered at low standards of quality or not provided at all.

The project is developed by Motivation Romania Foundation in partnership with Shaw Trust UK and Asociația Club Sportiv Roțile Schimbării, Fundația pentru Copii Sfântul Sava din Buzău, Asociația Club Sportiv Supernova Neamț, Asociația Județeană a Sportului pentru Persoane cu Handicap Motivation Ilfov, Asociația Club Sportiv Fii Independent, Asociația Club Sportiv Roțile Abilității, Asociația Club Sportiv Roțile Astrale and Asociația Club Sportiv Leii Timișoarei.

The project ”The Abilities Matter in the Market Economy” is cofinanced by the European Social Fund, through the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007-2013, Invest in People!.