Motivation LLC was established in 2001 and is a provider of personalized mobility equipment and urinary incontinence devices. Since 2007, the social enterprise is authorized by the Romanian Automotive Register to install driving adaptations for persons with mobility disabilities. Since 2016  Motivation LLC also provides certified training courses for specialists in the disability field. The revenues generated by Motivation LLC support the programs developed by Motivation Romania Foundation.

Other social businesses tested by Motivation include:

  • Motivation Medical Recovery Clinic (2001 – 2017) provided specialized medical treatment in physiotherapy, electrotherapy, nutrition and ambulatory thermotherapy for clients from Bucharest and Ilfov.
  • Supporting the development of social enterprises at partner associations in Brașov, Buzău, Cluj, Ilfov, Neamț, Prahova, Sibiu, Timișoara counties (2014 – 2017). These businesses provided mobility services to persons with ambulatory difficulties, repairs and adaptations of bicycles and mobility equipment, and product and service intermediation for companies. The incomes generated by the social enterprises were invested in social services for persons with disabilities. Read more about this project here.