The following are the English titles of case studies, research reports and studies carried our by Motivation. These documents are published in Romanian language.

Case study: Perseverence facilitates rehabilitation, 2014

Case study: Vocation and work inclusion,2014 (in Romanian)

Case study: SCI – Rehabilitation through early intervention and sport, 2014

Case study: SCI – Need for accessibility and assistive technology, 2014

Case study: Psychological aspects of SCI – Accepting disability, 2014

International Perspectives on Spinal Cord Injury –  World Health Organization summary, translated into Romanian, 2014

Promoting, protecting and ensuring full and equal exercise of all fundamental human rights and freedoms by persons with spinal cord injuries (SCI) – Position paper, 2014

LIFE IN A WHEELCHAIR: FROM ISOLATION TO PARTICIPATION – Sociological research report on wheelchairs and services for Romanian wheelchair users, 2014

Research report: isolated or included? The State and Access to mobility equipment and independent living services, 2010

Study: Limited access on the labour market for persons with disabilities, 2010

Study: Diagnosis: excluded from the labour market. Barriers against employment of Romanians with disabilities, 2009

Research report: Isolated at home. Wheelchair financing crisis in Romania, 2009