Together with you, Motivation can create real opportunities for persons with disabilities in Romania, by:

  • Referring persons with disabilities and their families to Motivation for services
  • Working with Motivation to initiate community-based services for children and adults with disabilities
  • Recommending physiotherapists and physicians to prescribe personalized wheelchairs, to ensure correct wheelchair positioning and to recommend users to attend training
  • Respecting legal requirements on accesibility of public spaces, employment of persons with disabilities or purchase of goods and services from sheltered workshops
  • Donating to Motivation Romania Foundation online from our website via PayPal and Mobil Pay, or via bank transfer at: RO 98 RNCB 0071 0114 2739 0030 – BCR Plevnei Branch.
  • Sponsoring any Motivation initiative that feels close to your heart. For more information please contact us at 021/448 02 42 or
  • Buying personalized objects created with help from the youth with disabilities in our care. You can view some of these products in this catalog.
  • Directing 2% of the income tax to Motivation Romania Foundation to help support the provision of personalized services for Romanians with disabilities. You can download here Forms 230 or 200 pre-completed with our information.
  • Developing a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative with Motivation, whereby to support persons with disabilities.
  • Directing 20% of your company profit tax towards Motivation Romania Foundation.

Thank you for making our dream come true!