According to art. 84, paragraph 2 of the Tax Code, any contributor can direct to a nongovernmental organization 2% of their income tax, paid to the state. If you wish to support Motivation’s programs, fill in and submit until May 25 of each year: form 230 (for salary income) or form 200 (for income from other sources in the previous year).


a)     if, in the previous year, you earned only SALARY INCOME: Download here form 230.
b)     if, in the previous year, you also had OTHER INCOME SOURCES: Use form 200.

Name of nonprofit entity: Fundația Motivation România
Fiscal identification number (CIF): 7081193
Bank account: RO 98 RNCB 0071011427390030 BCR

Fill in with your personal information, by hand, in capital letters, and sign the form appropriate for your type of income.

a) Form 230 should be filled in with your personal information (section I) and signed.
b) Form 200 should be filled in under all sections corresponding to your type of income (section III). Detailed instructions are available at the end of the form.

If you do not know the amount corresponding to the 2% income tax, this will be calculated by your local Fiscal Administration.


Submit the form or mail it via recorded delivery post to your local Fiscal Administration no later than May 25 of the current year. The addresses of Fiscal Administration offices are available here.

The form can also be submitted online, via the ANAF ”Private virtual space”, available at the address
For support in filling in the forms please call us at 0748 229 784.

Thank you for your support!