The IMPACT Romania project was initiated in 2002 by Motivation Romania Foundation to transfer 22 children with severe disabilities from a state-run institution in Ilfov county to three family-like group homes, and to provide them support services that would improve their quality of life. With support from the IMPACT Alliance, two grants from USAID-World Learning in 2002 – 2005 and funds from other international donors (including the European Commission, Timken Foundation, Co-operating Netherlands Foundations for Central and East Europe, Vodafone Foundation, United Way Romania and others) the project led to:

  • Transfer of 37 children with severe disabilities from Tancabesti Placement Center to 5 family-like homes (27 children), 7 foster families, 2 natural families and one psychiatric hospital;
  • Creation of a vocational and occupational workshop providing learning and work opportunities to our youth with disabilities in gardening, pottery, decorative objects and painting;
  • Inclusion of our children with disabilities in public schools and special schools;
  • Inclusion of our children in a personalized physiotherapy program, medical services and mobility equipments, depending on their individual needs;
  • Participation in Special Olympics competitions, social activities and summer camps at Motivation’s camp in Varatec, Neamt county;
  • Training programs for child care specialists from placement centers, child protection departments and nongovernmental organizations.

By transferring the children from the institution, we took on the commitment of providing them the family and home they never had before, as well as much needed support and semi-independent or assisted living services. We give the 37 children and youth with disabilities in our program a life as close as possible to the one they would have in a loving family. This means that our services do not stop when the children reach a certain age, but have to continue for their entire lives. Together with our donors and funders we succeeded in keeping this promise for the past five years. Join us to make their dreams come true for the future!

Read the story of each child, choose the one you want to support and send us your monthly donation. We will send you periodic updates on their progress and the new programs Motivation develops to make their dreams come true. Talk to your friends about our children and invite them to join us. Each helping hand makes a difference!

The information you need to send us your monthly donation is:

Motivation Romania Foundation – „Make my dream come true” Program

Bank:   Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR), Plevnei branch

RO 98 RNCB 0071 0114 2739 0030 (RON)

RO 78 RNCB 0071 0114 2739 0002 (EUR)

RO 51 RNCB 0071 0114 2739 0003 (USD)

Send us at the name of the child you choose to support together with your contact information and we will send you information about the way your donation made a difference to this child.

You can also help by donating directly from our web-site via Paypal: