My name is Alin and I am 32 years old. Five years ago, following an accident, I could not walk and had to start using a wheelchair. The days after the accident are hard to put into words. I was disoriented and I felt totally helpless. Basic activities that seemed trivial before, like crossing a threshold, were now impossible to do using a wheelchair.

After a while, I realized that life goes on and that I needed guidance from someone who went through a similar experience and could understand what I felt. This was how I met Motivation and attended their active rehabilitation camp. Their trainers, who are wheelchair users themselves, taught me things that helped me regain my independence. At the camp, I discovered I was not alone. I learned that the wheelchair was but a means for moving around and that what`s most important is the person using it. This helped me change the way I was looking at my situation – I understood that I need to underline my abilities and bring forth what I am as a person.

Later, I was given the opportunity of being part of Team Motivation in Sibiu. Here, I can use my experience to help those who, just like me, want to improve their lives and regain their independence.

Now I am an independent living trainer and this, for me, is more than just a job. I do my work with passion and with the desire to convey a state of mind. Life is like riding a bicycle – to keep your balance you need to keep spinning the wheels, and that is what we do, at Motivation. We promote abilities and we help each individual regain an active role in the community.