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Nicoleta is 29 years old and she has been living in Motivation family-like homes since 2004. She was placed at a foster place at an early age, but her mother and sisters remained connected with her. Nicoleta is part of the Motivation team of Special Olympics athletes, with whom they constantly train and participate in numerous competitions in the country and abroad, especially in athletics and skiing. In 2016 she obtained a certificate of graduation at the course “Technician Masseur – Somatic Massage”. Since January 2018, she has been half-time employed as a commercial worker at one of Carrefour’s shops. For the rest of the time, Nicoleta takes part in group activities at the day center.

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Mihaela is 29 years old and lives at Motivation since 2004. Abandoned at birth, Mihaela lived in different placement centers. She very much wishes to know her natural family, but unfortunately, the family could not be identified. Mihaela graduated from a special school of arts and crafts in Bucharest. Every day she works in our organization’s occupational therapy workshop, where she makes plaster products, clay and wax candles, along with other youth. Her passions remain crochet and thematic puzzles. Mihaela also participates in special Olympics, athletics, bocce and ski competitions. As a member of the Special Olympics at Motivation, Mihaela has participated in the National Games SO since 2004. She is very fond of traveling, very receptive to the social events debated in the press and on television and is constantly watching the news.

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Eduard, known as Edi, is 26 years old and lives in the Motivation family-like homes since 2004. He graduated from the School of Arts and Crafts in Bucharest and is currently employed at Motivation LLC. Over the years, Edi has participated in the Special Olympics training and competitions in bocce, athletics and skiing. In 2011, he participated in Athens World Games where he won the title of World Champion at Bocce, Special Olympics Athens 2011.

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Florin is a 25-year-old particularly energetic and sociable. Life in a placement center has put its mark on its development. Diagnosed with medium mental retardation, Florin speaks with difficulty and has a clear attention deficit. For this reason, he has a rehabilitation program at the Motivation Daily Center. Florin graduated 10 classes in a special school in Bucharest. Being athlete at the Motivation’s Special Olympics bocce, athletics and skiing team, Florin participated in numerous competitions in the country and abroad, along with other children and young people with special needs.

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Anca is a 21-year-old young woman who has been deinstitutionalised from a foster care center in 2003. Having spastic paraparesis, Anca can only walk with the support of a specially designed frame for her needs. At Motivation Center Anca has a structured program of physiotherapy, speech therapy, special psychopedagogy and psychological counseling. Anca attended a special school in Bucharest. She likes to learn new things and is particularly responsive to the teachers’ requirements. In her family-like home, she participates in everyday household activities, being very orderly and meticulous. Being especially sensitive and emotional, Anca easily makes friends. Although she really wants to meet her parents and brothers, they have never visited her.

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Florin is 26 years old and lives in one of the family-type homes of Motivation Romania Foundation, alongside other youth of similar age. Diagnosed with severe mental retard and autism, he is integrated into a personalized recovery program developed by Motivation’s specialists. The peculiarities of his diagnosis make Florin more withdrawn, scared of everything new, crowded, and dark. He can not concentrate his attention for long periods of time, and he can co-ordinate movements with difficulty. At Motivation, we try to adapt all the activities we involve him, so that Florin will feel as good as possible. Florin participates with the other young people in the activities of the occupational therapy workshop with the permanent support of the adults around him. He likes outdoor walks, open spaces, quiet places, free of crowd and noise.

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Laurenţiu is 20 years old and has been in place at the Motivation Romania Foundation since 2003. Diagnosed with a slightly retarded mentally retarded child, he was able to integrate himself from the beginning into a mainstream school, along with other children in the community. He is a graduate of 12 classes from the Secondary Gymnasium Second School in Bucharest. For one year, Laurentiu was integrated into the family of a professional nursing assistant in the community. Returning to the family-type home has led to strong emotional feelings. Lack of support from Motivation specialists could have led to a degradation of his physical and psychological condition. To address their emotional problems, Day Care specialists have developed an adapted recovery program: psychological counseling sessions, cognitive stimulation and sports training. He is a sociable young man, eager to make friends. He prefers the adult company to whom he calls for all the attention. He likes to feel protected and safe.

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Georgiana, an 18-year-old girl, has been living in one of the Motivation family-type homes since 2005. She was abandoned by the family at the age of three, when, following an accident, she remained immobilized in bed. She spent two years at Tâncăbești Placement Center without the benefit of a recovery program or appropriate medical equipment. Immediately after leaving the institution, she was integrated into a special recovery program established following the evaluations made by Motivation’s Day Center specialists. Soon she received a wheelchair adapted to her needs, which helps her move inside the house and outdoors. Georgiana attends the Day Care Center, where she participates in physiotherapy, sensory and cognitive stimulation activities. Georgiana also weekly participates in social activities: walks in the park, at Botanical Garden, fun games along with other children and youth with special needs. Although dependent on adult help, Georgiana’s condition has improved, with obvious advances: an improvement in nonverbal communication, the presence of positive emotional feelings, improved health. Georgiana enjoys long walks, feels good listening music and surrounded by children, at the Day Center or in her new home.

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Mădălina is a 25 year old girl and has been at Motivation since 2004. She lives with other children in the family-like homes in Cornetu. Mădălina does not in touch with her family and has never been visited by a member of her family. Diagnosed with an average mental retardation, Madalina attended a special school in Bucharest, where she graduated 10 classes. During leisure, she participates in activities at the occupational therapy workshop. She prefers to paint plaster objects, but she still needs adult support. Mădălina is involved in household activities in the house where she lives, she is eager to help caregivers and is particularly affectionate with children in a wheelchair living with her.

Suspport Mădălina

Marian is a 23-year old deinstitutionalized by Motivation in 2003. The precarious material situation of the family and its lack of interest in the child have led to its placement by the authorities in a placement center. Recovery program initiated by Motivation immediately after the transfer in the residential program helped Marian overcome the emotional problems that arose, thus being able to integrate into the family of a professional nursing mother in the community. However, in the summer of 2009, Marian returned to one of the family-type homes of our organization. Marian participates in day-center group activities as well as sports activities, being the World Champion at the World Special Olympics Athens 2011 Games. Since January 2018, he has been employed as a part-time commercial worker at Carrefour.

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Ionut is a 21-year-old man, very cheerful and energetic. Being at Motivation since 2003, he has benefited from a recovery program to correct language disorder and eliminate difficult behaviors. Being diagnosed with a mild mental retardant, Ionut was integrated into the public school in the community, where he completed 12 grades. For four years, until June 2009, Ionut lived in the family of a professional nursing assistant. Returning to Motivation family-like home, Ionuţ benefited from a counseling program to be supported in the transition process. He is involved in all activities carried out by youth in the family-like homes: an adapted recovery program at the Day Care Center, occupational therapy, greenhouse activities in the courtyard, summer camps at Văratec etc. Particularly energetic, Ionut prefers outdoor activities, motion games, sports training.

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Cristian is 17 years ago and was deinstitutionalized by Motivation Romania Foundation at young age of 4. Transferring to Motivation in May 2005, Cristian has been integrated into a personalized recovery program based on Motivation’s specialists assessment. With the help of this program, the day center team aims to help Cristian overcome the emotional states and memories of life in the institution, develop his language and make progress in physical development. Progress has been evident shortly, and Cristian’s integration into the family of a professional maternal assistant has also contributed to these advances. Cristian returned to one of the family-type homes of our organization.

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Alexandru is 21 years ago. Being at Motivation since 2005, he was briefly integrated into the family of a community assistant. In the Motivation family-type home, Alex lives with other children with similar diagnoses. He has completed 10 classes in a special school in Bucharest and has a recuperation and sports program at the Motivation Day Center (speech therapy, psychological counseling, special psycho-pedagogy). Alexandru prefers outdoor activities, games of movement in the company of other children. He enthusiastically engages in celebrations and parties organized on various occasions: winter holidays, birthdays of other children and young people, etc. But it also helps with the daily activities of the house he lives in. He likes to sing, draw and listen to music.

Support Alexandru

George is a 29-year-old young man who lives in one of the Motivation’s homes in Clinceni. Because of his diagnosis, George could not be integrated into a mass school. However, since 2004, he attended the Day Center of our organization, where he followed an intensive recovery program tailored to his needs. Although he made progress in terms of cognitive development and has developed new skills of personal autonomy, George needs permanent help from an adult. Especially jovial and friendly, George is looking for the company of the other young people. He likes to sing and listen to music. He is very happy to attend social activities, outdoors walks, along with direct-care staff or the Day Care Center.

Support George

Marius is a 28-year-old. He has been living in Motivation since 2004, along with other young people with similar disabilities. Being diagnosed with deep intellectual disability, Motivation Day Center specialists have tried to design a special recovery program for him, and progress has been recorded. If, at the time of deinstitutionalization, Marius did not establish any contact with others, now he walked by himself, alone, on short distances, asking for adult support in open spaces. He is delighted when he is in the spotlight, preferring the adult company. Although he does not speak, Marius has elements of nonverbal communication that can be deciphered by the staff and Day Care specialists. Marius enthusiastically participates in social activities. He likes to listen to music and go outdoors. Unfortunately, he does not keep in touch with the natural family, but we try to offer a close family, even if much more extensive.

Support Marius

Ciprian is a 29-year-old, diagnosed at birth with severe intellectual disability and deafness. Despite his diagnosis, Ciprian developed skills that allow him to walk alone in the home and in the day center, and eat without help. At Motivation Day Center, Ciprian participates in the special psycho-pedagogy, socialization and physiotherapy activities. He deliberately carries out the exercises proposed by the physical therapist to improve gait, posture and physical condition. He wants the adults around him to devote as much attention to him as possible. He likes to go outdoors on warm days and be included in group activities with other children and young people.

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Costel is 29 years old and has been living atn Motivation since September 2003. Because of his severe disability, he is not enrolled in the school, but he participates in the recovery activities organized at the Motivation Day Center. After an evaluation period, the center’s specialists developed an individual intervention program for Costel – psycho-pedagogy, speech therapy, physiotherapy and socialization activities. Although his active vocabulary is limited, Costel can express his wishes so that he is understood by others. Over time, he learned to use elements of mimic-gestural language. Costel is very conscientious. At the center of the day, he closely follows the activities involving the center’s specialists. Especially friendly and sociable, he engages with enthusiasm in household activities, offering support to direct care staff. He likes outdoor games, walk and fun activities along with other kids.

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Gabi is 17 years old. Gabriel is one of the deinstitutionalised children by the Motivation Foundation Romania at the young age of 4 years. Diagnosed with hydrocephalus, spastic hemiparesis, and severe psychiatric delay, he made great progress in recovering therapy at the day center. Sessions supported by physiotherapy have improved walking and general physical condition. Although he is moving only with support, Gabriel strives to do more. Very sociable and friendly, Gabriel is fond of other children and staff members. Although he does not speak, he manages to be understood by those around him and express his desires. He likes to participate in social activities, to walk and to interact with others.

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Florin is a 22-year old, diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder and severe psychiatric delay. Being at Motivation since 2004, Florin lives in one of the family-type homes of the organization, along with other youth with similar disabilities. He is a graduate of 10 classes in a special school in Bucharest and goes to the Motivation Day Center where he attends speech therapy, physiotherapy, special psycho-pedagogy, cognitive stimulation, psychological counseling and socialization activities. Although he has skills that give him a certain degree of personal autonomy (he eats and dresses by himself), Florin always needs the support of an adult. His active vocabulary has a limited number of words. However, with the help of mimic-gestural language, he succeeds in understanding with others. Florin participates with great interest in outdoor activities, in games whose rules always try to respect them.

Suport Florin

Narghita is a 22-year old girl diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Severe Delay in Mental Development. From a pregnancy with triplets, Narghita was abandoned at birth, alongside his sister Kassandra, in a foster home. Both were deinstitutionalized by Motivation in 2003 and placed in the family-type home of the organization. Kassandra, due to the fact that she did not have a high degree of disability, could be reintegrated into the natural family. Although her family lives in Cornetu village, near to the family-like home where Narghita lives, her family never visited her. Narghita does not speak and manifest the specific disorders of children with this diagnosis: self – aggressive behavior, isolation tendency, fear of new and crowded spaces. At the Day Care Center, we take into account these difficulties in making an adapted recovery program. Narghita needs permanent support from adults. She does not like the changes in the daily schedule nor the new ones. She has activities that can performs with great pleasure in a repetitive way: playing ball, balls of different sizes and colors, etc.

Support Narghita

Bety is a 19-25 year old girl who has been at at Motivation since 2004. Diagnosed with infantile autism and severe mental retardation, she lives in one of the family-like homes of our organization. Due to her disability she can not be enrolled in the special school. Bety benefits from an individualized intervention program planned by Day Care specialists. As a result of physiotherapy, Bety made clear progress, moving short distances in frame. For the rest of the time she uses the wheelchair, always in need of adult support. Bety is permanently involved in various activities: games, outdoor walks, relaxation activities designed to relieve periodic behavioral disorders. She prefers the adult company she knows and gets very agitated in crowded spaces in new places.

Support Beatrice

Aurel is a 24-year-old young man who lives in one of Motivation’s family-like homes. Due to his diagnosis – spastic tetraparesis, severe mental retardation with behavioral disorders – could not be integrated into school. Aurel uses a special chair adapted to his needs. Since 2004, he has attended the Day Center of our organization, where he has an intensive recovery program: special psycho pedagogy, cognitive stimulation and physiotherapy. Aurel needs permanent help from adults. However, he enjoys socializing, outdoor walking, along with care staff or day center staff.

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Cătălin is a 22 year old man who has been at Motivation since 2005, in one of the family-like homes of the organization. He is integrated into the day center program where he participates in speech therapy, special psycho-pedagogy, physiotherapy and socialization. Although he does not speak, Catalin expresses his intentions and desires with the help of non-verbal language, succeeding to be understood by other youth and adults. Sometimes he shows behavioral disorders specific to people with autism, but he likes to get involved with other children and young people in games of movement, domestic and social activities. Catalin has no connection with his natural family.

Support Cătălin

Leonard is a 23-year-old, diagnosed with autism. Because of his peculiarities, Leonard is not enrolled in school, benefiting only from the recovery activities organized at the day center. After an evaluation period, the center’s specialists developed an individualized intervention program planning psycho-pedagogy, physical therapy and socialization activities. Leonard does not verbalize and manifest all autism-specific disorders: the tendency to retreat in the inner world, fear of new, destructive behavioral manifestations, motor instability. Leonard needs permanent support from direct care staff and is not interested in group activities. He responds to a limited number of actions and encounters great difficulties in solving simple situations, preferring repetitive, short activities. Leonard does not want the company of other youth and prefers outdoor walks in quiet areas.

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