In 2018, Motivation continues to Spin the Wheels of Change. We aim to consolidate the Wheelchair Fund, which enables us to donate, year after year, over 1,000 quality wheelchairs to individuals with mobility disabilities living all over Romania.

The financial support of each company and the donation of each Motivation friend enable us to increase the number of wheelchair donated annually to those who need them to break isolation. The Fund can also support employees of member companies, who may need, whether temporarily or permanently, a mobility equipment for their family member.

Every 100 EUR donated to the Wheelchair Fund give back mobility to a person using a wheelchair!

How can you support Wheelchair Fund?

COMPANIES who wish to join us can choose between several ways of contributing to our initiative. Any choice you make brings us closer to independent living for wheelchair users. Your sponsorship can be deduced from the company`s profit tax, according to the Fiscal Code.

Direct donations in following accounts:

LEI: RO 98 RNCB 0071 0114 2739 0030, BCR Sucursala Plevnei

EUR: RO 13 RNCB 0071 0114 2739 0008, BCR Plevnei Branch.

Be sure to mention the “Wheelchair Fund” on the online form or bank account.

PERSONS that want to contribute, they can choose offer the following alternatives:

  1. Bank account:
    LEI account: RO 98 RNCB 0071 0114 2739 0030
    EURO account: RO 13 RNCB 0071 0114 2739 0008
    Romanian Commercial Bank, Plevnei Branch

2. By PayPal

3. By MobilPay

4. Galantom. They can be part of #TeamMotivation and participate in the Raiffeisen Bucharest Marathon on October 13th and 14th.