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children and adults now use appropriate wheelchairs

wheelchair users learned to be independent

abandoned youth with disabilities enjoy life in the Motivation family

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#ChangeTheStory of children and adults with disabilities!

When someone dear, family or friend, lose their mobility, their world and the world of those around them goes suddenly dark. The beginning of life in a wheelchair is painful, and requires a lot of support. Motivation provides the necessary help, through personalized wheelchairs and independent living training. The children and adults who come to our programs return home to their lives, using wheelchairs. They go back to school, to work or shopping, meet friends, live their lives like each of us do.

Since 2003, 25 young adults with medium and severe disabilities live in Motivation`s homes, enjoying a happy life and learning to be more confident in their own future with each passing day. They live in our houses and we are close to them, day after day. Here, they have friends and mentors, who encourage and support them. Some are wheelchair users, former beneficiaries of the foundation.

To each, Motivation gives the guidance and support they need to live a life of achievements.

Give hope in a life of fulfillment to children and adults with disabilities!


At eleven years old, Ianis is very clear about what he wants to become: a basketball player or an architect. He knows what he needs to improve at swimming, and understands that, when he becomes tired, for whatever reason, he should rest but he should not give up.

In 2019, Ianis was forced to be even more perseverant. Then, he was involved in a car accident that forces him to use a wheelchair. Early on, the looks and questions of other children, and their repeated question, made him feel weird. However, as his wheelchair skills improved, so did his self-confidence. Now, he faces stares with a happy face, back straight and eyes ahead.

Ianis received an active, light wheelchair from Motivation Romania Foundation, and learned to use it at an independent training camp. We want to remain close to Ianis on his life journey, to remind him, if needed, that he can do whatever he dreams of, and also to give him the best mobility solutions, as he grows up and his needs change.

Join us!



He is 23 years old and is the one we learn from, every day, how to overcome our own limits. Ionuț works in Motivation`s workshop, where he helps unload, repair and assemble mobility equipment – different types of wheelchairs, walkers or crutches. Motivation then donates them to children and adults with disabilities throughout the country, providing independent living training with the help of our trainers – wheelchair users themselves, who have also regained their mobility at Motivation.

Ionuț came to Motivation from a state-run institution, when he was just a child. At Motivation, he found a family. Together with 24 other youth with medium and severe disabilities transferred by Motivation from institutions since 2003, Ionuț practices adapted sports, receives therapies and the support he needs for a life as independent as possible. The youth live in three Motivation homes and 36 people are dedicated to them, day after day, for direct care in the home or different therapies at the day center.


This is how the stories of Ionuț and the other youth with disabilities in our care are intertwined with the stories of over 1,000 children and adults with disabilities country-wide, whom Motivation gives back, year after year, hope in a life of achievements.

You can make their dream come true!


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