25 years of Motivation, 25,000 lives changed for the better!

25 years of Motivation, 25,000 lives changed for the better!

In 2020, Motivation Romania Foundation celebrates 25 years of independent living programs for people with disabilities in Romania. On this occasion, the organization presents an album with images from Motivation activities carried out in this quarter of a century, dedicated to Motivation friends and supporters. In the pages of the 25th Motivation anniversary album, readers will get to know the young people from the Impact program and will find bits from the stories of some of those who participated in Motivation programs for independent and active life in a wheelchair. Also in the album are found, in pictures or just by name, more than 250 Motivation employees and volunteers of today, who make Motivation programs possible and change lives for the better.

Independent living training for a wheelchair user
Motivation Romania Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, created in 1995 to support children and adults with disabilities. The services cover a wide range of needs, from assessment and adapted equipment for different types of mobility disabilities, to active recovery and training for independent living with a wheelchair instructor, advice for accessibility and adapted sports. So far, Motivation has restored freedom of movement and hope for a fulfilling life for more than 25,000 people with disabilities in Romania. Currently, the services are provided free of charge through the 15 regional Motivation teams.


Impact for young people with disabilities deinstitutionalised

Since 2003, Motivation transferred young people with medium and severe disabilities from state institution and created the #Impact program. Currently, 25 young adults in Motivation care receive both the protection and warmth of a family, as well as access to therapies that help them discover and improve their communication and relationship skills and semi-independent living skills.

Florin M. is 28 years old and we have known each other for 16 years. Florin likes to know something about every person he meets. He has some favorite questions: what subway station do you sit next to, what pajamas do you have, when is your birthday. He likes sweets and food magazines. He needs a well-known routine program. He is cheerful and easily finds inspired metaphors that describe the people around him.

The stories of Călin, Florin, Ancuța or Dani, four of the 25 young people living in the Motivation family, can be viewed on the Motivation Youtube channel.

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