43 people with disabilities received healthcare products

43 people with disabilities received healthcare products

The donations received by Motivation Romania Foundation through text messages sent in from May to October 2020 were used to supply hygiene and healthcare products to wheelchair users, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.  

The 43 children and adults with disabilities who received the products are people with spinal cord injuries or similar mobility disabilities, from all over the country, who have been encountering issues when it comes to stocking up on healthcare products during the state of emergency and alert, due to reasons such as: lack of accessibility, losing touch with their support people or lack of funds.

The campaign took place under the motto of #NuLăsămPeNimeniÎnUrmă (#NoOneLeftBehind) and the funds raised with the help of those who donated through text messages with the word ACTIV sent to 8844, between May and October 2020, covered the costs of reusable masks, one-use gloves, hand disinfectant, disinfectant wet wipes for surfaces, liquid soap and skin protection creams.

The SMS donation campaign continues, and as of November 2020, the funds raised will help with the donation of appropriate mobility equipment, through the Wheelchair Fund. By donating only 2 euros monthly by texting ACTIV to 8844, anyone can contribute to giving freedom of movement and a chance to an active live to people with disabilities from Romania. Monthly donations help more people with disabilities to get their mobility back with the help of an appropriate wheelchair.

More information is available on the campaign’s webpage, and you can find more details about other ways to support the Wheelchair Fund here.

If you know someone who uses a wheelchair and needs our support, please, advise the person to:


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