85 lives changed for the better by #TeamMotivation

85 lives changed for the better by #TeamMotivation

By participating in this year’s edition of the Bucharest Marathon, #TeamMotivation raised funds for 85 wheelchairs, and changed just as many lives for the better.

Between the 11th and 25th of October, #TeamMotivation participated in the 2020 Bucharest Marathon, to support the Wheelchair Fund – appropriate mobility equipment and freedom of movement for children and adults with mobility disabilities. 113 people chose to register in the event for our cause, and 434 donations were given to our cause on motivation.galantom.ro, for our fundraiser athletes. The funds will be used for the transportation, refurbishment and delivery of 85 wheelchair fit for people all across the country. The equipment will be donated in 2021, according to the users’ needs, based on individual assessments, conducted by Motivation’s regional teams.

In the context of the pandemic, this year’s edition of the Bucharest International Marathon turned online. Because of this, #TeamMotivation runners from everywhere had the freedom of choosing when and where to run. #TeamMotivation took to the start from Bucharest and 14 other counties around the country. You can see photos of our runners on our Facebook page. We’re grateful to all of the runners, fundraiser athletes, supporters and the photographers Alexandra Pandrea and Bogdan Dinca, for helping us #changelives for the better!

Distanced, but together, we were able to give back the freedom of movement to another 85 children and adults who need wheelchairs. You can read about lives changed for the better through the Wheelchair Fund’s program here and find out how you can join our initiatives!

Photo: Bogdan Dincă

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