A 7,200 km hike through Europe to support social projects

A 7,200 km hike through Europe to support social projects

Drobeta Turnu Severin, July 23, 2018 – Eva Kaznelson and Jan Kozlowski, two Germans looking for adventures, aim to hike 7.200 de km through Europe, in order to raise funds for 25 social projects from several countries in Europe. During the first three months, they have already walked about 1,000 km in Bulgaria and Serbia and now they reached Romania.

One of the projects they support is developed by Motivation Romania Foundation. On Monday, July 23, starting with 11 a.m., a meeting will take place in the conference room of the Medieval Fortress in Drobeta Turnu Severin. Eva and Jan will show pictures from their trip and will share their reasons to support social projects, such as the one by Motivation Romania Foundation.

Eva and Jan started ”Adventureland Europe” and began their trip in May 2018, in order to increase the visibility of the causes, as well as to call people to action and convince them to donate for environment and social justice, for projects in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and Nepal. Their aim is to raise 10 cents for each step they take and, at the end of their trip, to collect 720,000 Euros from donations to the causes they visit on their trip.

”Since my childhood I have been interested in the human nature – what drives it? What is important to it? My studies and the insights in the different spheres in the world of work raised even more questions, including a major one: how can we influence the world together in a positive way? Through each step I take I want to determine other people to be kind and to get involved in order to change the world for the better.” Eva Kaznelson.

One of the three Romanian causes is the IMPACT program, which can be supported through online donations on the Adventureland Europe website https://adventureland-europe.com/projects/project-romania-medical-costs-for-the-impact-program/. ”In 2003, we initiated the IMPACT program and transferred 37 children with medium and severe disabilities from state institutions. Today, 27 of them are young adults and still live at Motivation, in family-like homes. We give our youth the protection and warmth of a family. They access therapies that help them discover and improve their social and independent living skills. Together, we work in the occupational workshop, the physiotherapy room, the sensory stimulation room or in speech therapy. They attend psychological counselling and personal development groups.” Daniela Ilea, IMPACT Program Coordinator.

For more details about the event organized on Monday, July 23, starting with 11 a.m. at the meeting room of the Medieval Fortress in Drobeta Turnu Severin, please contact Ms. Alina Litra, phone number: 0733501566.



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