Abilities Matter – online exhibition launched on International Wheelchair Day

Abilities Matter – online exhibition launched on International Wheelchair Day

Motivation Romania Foundation announces the launch of an online photo exhibition that illustrates the abilities of people with disabilities and promotes an active lifestyle in a wheelchair. The Abilities Matter exhibition is launched on March 1, when it is marked International Wheelchair Day. The images show wheelchair users from all over the country, in various poses, fulfilling active roles at home, at work, in the community. The exhibition can be accessed for free by following the link

“Motivation Romania Foundation contributes to building an inclusive society. Our team provides training for an active and independent life, and the stories of participants in Motivation programs are as diverse and surprising as the people who live them. That’s why the Abilities Matter exhibition showcases people in their full potential to promote inclusion and encourage people with and without disabilities to pursue their passions and take active roles in their communities. We are grateful to both those who appear in the images and those who captured them, because together we contribute to reducing the prejudices associated with people with disabilities,” said Erika Garnier, coordinator of services dedicated to wheelchair users at Motivation Foundation Romania.

The photo exhibition is divided into sections dedicated to mobility, community living, childhood, adapted sport, skills and inclusion and is produced as part of the project “Advocacy for Community Access for Wheelchair Users”. The launch date, March 1, coincides with International Wheelchair Day, to draw attention to the need for people with disabilities to access personalized mobility and assistive equipment, as well as an accessible environment. These are the prerequisites for an active life in a wheelchair.

There are no statistics on the number of wheelchair users in our country, but, compared to international statistics, we estimate that 300,000 Romanians need wheelchairs to move around. The estimate is based on the information provided by ISWP – International Society of Wheelchair Professionals, according to which 1.5% of a country’s inhabitants need wheelchairs. Also according to international data, provided by World Health Organization, in developing countries, only 10% of people who need a wheelchair have access to such mobility equipment.

The right to personal mobility is a fundamental right, and Motivation contributes to its application through donations of suitable wheelchairs and training for their use. Through the Wheelchair Fund, we annually donate over 1000 suitable mobility equipment for adults and children in Romania.

“Advocacy for community access for wheelchair users” is implemented by Motivation Romania Foundation in partnership with Segoia Association, with the financial support of the Active Citizens Fund Romania, programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021. The project aims to support the social inclusion of people with disabilities by improving the mobility and health of wheelchair users.

More information about the project can be found by accessing the link https://motivation.ro/abilitatile-si-drepturile-conteaza/.

Working together for an inclusive Europe.

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