We change lives: Marian


My name is Marian, I am 46 years old and three years ago I had a spinal cord injury following a dive into the water. Unfortunately, this left me paralysed from below the neck and ever since my life has changed completely. There were long periods spent in the hospital and doing rehabilitation, in specialized centres, as well as at home.

This year I met Motivation Foundation Romania and I had the opportunity to benefit from their services. For three months, twice a week, team Motivation came to my home. Through the home care physical therapy program I was able to regain some of the strength and mobility in my upper limbs and I learned new rehabilitation exercises that I will use also on my own, from now on. I am proud of myself that by following the diet prescribed by the physician working with Motivation, I lost some weight. That discussion with the nutritionist opened my eyes to a healthier life style and motivated me in a way that I had not found before.

The foundation’s car, the one adapted for the transportation of wheelchair users helped me take care of some issues that had been postponed for too long. I go out very rarely because the outside is not very friendly with people who are in the same situation as I am.

Here, at Motivation Foundation, I met a team of young, yet very professional young people. I want to thank them all for all their support and I need to confess that I would like to benefit from the provided services also in the future. I am sure that I will always have something to learn from you, so that I become as independent as possible.

Sincerely, P. Marian.

The home care services are provided within the Access to Education, Services and Community for wheelchair users Project, financed through the 2009 – 2014 EEA grants, within the NGO Fund in Romania.

For information regarding the above mentioned project, please contact Iuliana Eftimie, Social worker (phone 0728 176 179, e-mail i.eftimie@motivation.ro). For official information on the 2009-2014 EEA grants, please go to www.eeagrants.org or www.fondong.fdsc.ro.


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