#EnAble Parking? campaign 2 years anniversary

#EnAble Parking? campaign 2 years anniversary

#EnAble Parking? campaign for releasing dedicated parking spaces and abusively occupied, marked 2 years of implementation.

Motivation Romania Foundation launched in November 2017 #EnAble Parking? campaign to draw attention of the situation of parking spaces for people with disabilities and abusively occupied, in stores with wide-ranging products.

At national level, between 2012 and 2019, the total number of adapted vehicles reached over 7,500. Of these, 433 were adapted for persons with disabilities, drivers and passengers, between January and September 2019. The data were provided by the Romanian Auto Registry, following requests submitted by Motivation Romania Foundation.

#EnAble Parking? campaign is addressed to drivers with and without disabilities, as well as to the general public and sends a message encouraging the respect of the rights of persons with disabilities in Romania.

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