„#EnAbleParking?” campaign message has reached over 830 disabled parking spots

„#EnAbleParking?” campaign message has reached over 830 disabled parking spots

  • There are over 7800 vehicles adapted for drivers and passengers with disabilities in Romania;
  • Over 830 parking spots are signposted with the campaign’s visuals;
  • Partner stores host the campaign’s message in their dedicated parking spots in over 127 cities across the country.

3 years from the launch, the message of #EnAbleParking? campaign for freeing up parking spots for peorsons with disabilities that have been abusively occupied has reached over 830 dedicated parking spots, in 127 Romanian cities.

With the message „People with disabilities do not want a dedicated parking spot, but they need it” placed on the dedicated parking spots in partner stores, the campaign addresses drivers with and without disabilities, future drivers and pedestrians and urges to respect one of the rights of people with disabilities in Romania. The goal is to convince drivers without disabilities to free up parking spots not meant for them and encourage others to follow their example.

#EnAbleParking? is a campaign meant to make people conscious and educate them through which we wish to send a message to every participant in traffic about the importance of disabled parking spots. They are a necessity and not a fad. Reality has shown us that people with disabilities can be active and independent, and with a minimal effort, we need to respect their right to be so. Let’s not park in spots for disabled people, if we’re not disabled ourselves”, says Cristian Ispas, general director of Motivation Romania Foundation.

At a national level, the number of drivers and passengers with disabilities that have requested their personal cars to be adapted has gotten over 7800. The data was provided by the Romanian Car Registry, at a request submitted by Motivation Romania Foundation and they refer to the January 2020 – June 2020 timeframe.

I am very active and in my travels, it was very often that I had to sit by the car and wait for the driver who parked next to me so he can move and give me the space to enter my car. I need to have my door wide open because otherwise I don’t have the necessary space to assemble or disassemble my wheelchair. Despite using a wheelchair, even we can’t walk on our feet and need one to move, still do day to day things. I go grocery shopping, go out with my family, take my children to school when possible, and for all of these I need a dedicated parking spot. A wider spot allows me to get the wheelchair next to the car to get in and out, and the fact that, for example, it’s closer to the store entrance is helpful when I take groceries to the car”, says Marian Marin, wheelchair user and independent life instructor.

„#EnAbleParking?” campaign was launched in November of 2017 in over 260 Mega Image stores, and later other partners joined in: Lidl Romania, IKEA Romania, Mega Mall, Sun Plaza, Drumul Taberelor Commercial Center, Shopping City Buzau, Shopping City Targu Jiu, Coresi Shopping Resort, Felicia Commercial Center. At present, the campaign’s message can be found in partner stores in 127 cities across Romania.

The campaign’s idea was born during  „8 hours over time for a good cause” project of the Bucharest Community Foundation, which gathered together professionals from various domains and NGOs.

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