For the first time

For the first time

The end of the year always brings new wishlists and counts of achievements… Does it sound familiar? Did we remind you of your wishlist from the beginning of this year.

Just between us, we love to-do lists, and especially the endof-year ones that show us every single thing that we successfully completed. We are happy to share with you one of our dearest lists for 2023: Things done for the first time in the lives of our young adults from the Impact program.

Officially, they joined the Motivation family 20 years ago, when they were still children. Each year they made new steps in developing the skills needed for a life as close to normality as possible. Dozens of activities, tough times, happy days and decisions that are more or less difficult to make. Now, as the year draws to its end, we looked back on all of these and were reminded of this: During these 20 years, our children have grown up! They managed to make other friends besides the ”family” they are living in. They became more responsible. They fulfilled their dreams.

For the first time in their life…

Marian, Ionuț and Dani kayaked.

They spend several hours on Titan Lake with their friends from Special Olympics and Matei, our physical therapist. They learned how to use a life jacket, they felt how it is like to glide on water, and especially how important it is to maintain their balance. After that day, they often talked about it and assured their loved ones that they can give some advice and instructions.

Ionuț, Marian, Cristian and Alex watched a football game at the stadium.

They cheered for Rapid team at their game against Poli Iași. They encouraged them, they felt happy and sad with the others. This is how they learned about fair-play, community, common passions and the meaning of a real team.


Cristian, Ancuța, Ionuț and Marian attended an international classical music festival.

Together with our friends from Special Olympics Romania, they attended George Enescu International Festival, one of the most important international classical music events. Kiki was so fascinated that he tried his best not to blink. What if he was missing an important moment?



Florin, Mădălina, Cristian, Alex and Mihaela harvested grapes and made grape juice.

They learned about the autumn’s traditions and activities. For them, it was a real challenge to participate in the whole process of making homemade grape juice, end-to-end. The day ended with a much appreciated glass of juice in their hands.



Ionuț traveled outside the country for the first time.

Because he trained hard and showed a real dedication to become an Olympic basketball player, Ionuț made it on the list of players who participated this year in the Special Olympics World Summer Games, in Germany. Ionuț flew by plane for the first time, discovered another way of living of a different culture and new culinary delicacies.

Their journey towards an independent life needs to continue, and for this, they need our care. With your continued support, we can continue to give our young adults the family they deserve.

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