The first wheelchair user in Romania to have a pilot license!

The first wheelchair user in Romania to have a pilot license!

Important event for rally enthusiasts!
In the weekend of October 14th-15th the city of Brașov hosted the last stage of the National Mountain Speed ​​Championship. The event was organized by AMC Racing Club, under the patronage of Mihai Leu, and brought together rally pilots from Romania, Italy and Bulgaria.

Among them was Ciprian Lupu, regional coordinator at Motivation Romania, who graduated in July from a sports pilot course under the guidance of specialists from Napoca Rally Academy. The last stage of the Mountain National Speed ​​Championship gave Ciprian the opportunity to be a forlighter – his role being to open the way for the enrolled competitors.

Ciprian is the first wheelchair user in Romania to have a pilot license from the Romanian Automobile Federation (FRAS) and to officially participate in a motoring competition.

Among the requirements he had to meet was wearing equipment approved by the International Automobile Federation. This was on top of the required passion for motorsport and sports car racing. Ciprian enjoyed every second at the wheel of his tailored car – a 2002 all-wheel-drive BMW with 3000 cc engine and 230 hp.

Ciprian got his driver`s license 10 years ago. Sports piloting is one of his greatest passions. When not driving, he moves using a Panthera-type wheelchair that suits his active lifestyle.

After the swimming accident that made him a wheelchair user, Ciprian regained his independence by attending the active rehabilitation programs at Motivation Romania Foundation, starting in 2003. He joined the team at Motivation Romania Foundation seven years ago and is now a regional manager for the teams in Braşov, Sibiu, Mureş, Timiş and Vâlcea counties.

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