Inclusion through sports at Piatra Neamț with Maia Outdoor

Our wheelchair athletes from the Motivation team in Neamț will make a wheelchair basketball demonstration on Friday, September 28, starting with 5 pm, at Curtea Domnească in Piatra Neamț. The passers-by will had the chance to drible and score from a wheelchair.

After the wheelchair basketball match, starting with 6 pm, our athletes will join the friends cycling at the event organized by ”Masa Critică”, our partners in Neamț.

This way, people with and without disabilities will participate together in an activity which aims to encourage people to do sports more. Also, the activity draws the attention on the need of accessibility both for cyclists and wheelchair users.

We are happy to be part of this action, which promotes the ability and the inclusion of people with disabilities, as well as the benefits of sports. For the wheelchair users, sport is part of the active rehabilitation process and it encourages people to overcome their limits to lead an independent life.

Photo: Mihai Marinescu



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