Lives changed for the better after Bucharest Marathon 2017

Lives changed for the better after Bucharest Marathon 2017

More than 75 people with and without mobility disabilities participated in Bucharest Marathon with #TeamMotivation, in October 2017. They wore t-shirts with the message ”Break isolation! Spin the wheels of change!” and they were all energetic and motivated during the 3, 10, 21 or 42 km races. Their aim was to give back mobility to those who use wheelchairs, by supporting them to participate in active rehabilitation programs held by Motivation Romania Foundation.

The fundraiser-runners raised 38.566 RON on the online platform for the project Active rehabilitation and independent living for wheelchair users. The amount covered the costs for 9 people who participated in active rehabilitation programs in Buda, Ilfov County. The training sessions lasted for 2 weeks and were held in September 2017, April, May and June 2018.

Marius is one of the people whose lives changed for the better after joining the active rehabilitation programs. He attended the program in April 2018. He is 29 years old and in 2016 he had an accident: he fell and became a wheelchair user. Here is his opinion on the program he joined:

After being here for all these days, I left with some WOW ideas!

You can learn things you did not know before, you can do things that you were not able to do  without any help before, things that you can only learn from somebody else, through their guidance: how to go up and down the ramp, how to descend stairs, how to eat and take care of yourself on your own, how to tide the bed on your own. 

With everything I found out here, I can be independent!

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More information on the progress of the participants:

Active rehabilitation sessions – September 19-29, 2017 

Active rehabilitation sessions – April 16-27, 2018

Active rehabiliation sessions – May 14-25, 2018

Active rehabilitation sesssions – June 11-22, 2018

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