Lives changed for the better by #TeamMotivation, after Bucharest Marathon

Lives changed for the better by #TeamMotivation, after Bucharest Marathon

By participating in this year’s edition of the Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest International Marathon, #TeamMotivation raised funds for 83 wheelchairs, and changed just as many lives for the better.

Between October 31st and November 14th, #TeamMotivation participated in virtual and in-person races of the Bucharest Marathon to support the Wheelchair Fund – appropriate mobility equipment and freedom of movement for children and adults with mobility disabilities.

122 people chose to support our cause, when they registered for the event, and 410 donations were given to our cause on, for our 44 fundraiser athletes.

The funds will be used for the transportation, refurbishment and delivery of 83 appropriate wheelchairs for people with mobility disabilities. The equipment will be donated in 2022, according to the users’ needs, based on individual assessments, conducted by Motivation’s regional teams.

You can see photos of our runners on our Facebook page, both for the in-person and virtual races. We’re grateful to all of the runners, fundraiser athletes, supporters, for helping us #changelives for the better!

#TeamMotivation includes people with and without disabilities. Together, they participate in running and cycling events in Romania, in order to promote the abilities of people with disabilities, the benefits of sports, and to raise funds for appropriate wheelchairs and lives changed for the better. Find out more about #TeamMotivation and how you could join our team, motivated to change lives for the better, from our website, here.

The experiences of the runners in #TeamMotivation

Sînzi was at her 3rd experience of running and fundraising with #TeamMotivation and the donations she raised this year help us give back freedom of movement for 6 people with mobility disabilities. The money I raised on Galantom, with the support of some wonderful people, means wheelchairs, mean a bonus of freedom and means that I am very happy. I am thankful to everyone who donated, to the ones who encouraged me and to the ones who read this now. I am profoundly grateful because I can give the gift of freedom for six people who need wheelchairs to move around.

Sînziana (right) and Iuliana (left) – champions at running and fundraising

Costin is our colleague from the Motivation team in Cluj and one of the six wheelchair users who raced at Bucharest Marathon this year.  The main reason why I run is that I want to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities and to show that people with and without wheelchairs can achieve great things together, in different situations.

The #TeamMotivation participation at Bucharest Marathon 2021 is part of a larger initiative to raise donations for the Wheelchair Fund. Motivation Romania annually donates over 1000 quality wheelchairs, new or refurbished, to children and adults with mobility disabilities, based on the needs identified by our regional teams. Each wheelchair is prescribed and donated according to the user’s needs, so that he becomes active and independent again.

Some of the stories of those who received appropriate mobility equipment through the Wheelchair Fund program can be found here.

Through the Advocacy project for community access for wheelchair users, we aim to support people with disabilities in promoting their rights and abilities. Thereby, we create the premises for increasing the degree of inclusion, at community level. The project is implemented by Motivation Romania Foundation in partnership with the Segoia Association, with the financial support of the Active Citizens Fund Romania, a program funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the 2014-2021 EEA Grants.

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