Lives changed for the better after participating in Bikeathon 2021!

Lives changed for the better after participating in Bikeathon 2021!

90 cyclists, adults and children, participated in Bikeathon 2021, with #TeamMotivation. As always, our team brought together people with and without disabilities, who spin the wheels of change by riding their wheelchairs or bicycles, for a common goal – to restore the freedom of movement of people with mobility disabilities.

By participating in Bikeathon 2021, we raised funds that allow us to donate five appropriate wheelchairs for people with mobility disabilities in Fagaras Country. The mobility equipment will be donated in 2022, following individual wheelchair assessments conducted by the regional Motivation teams.

Among the topics discussed with the participants in Bikeathon, were the #EnAble awareness campaign and the need for parking spaces for people with disabilities, which should be used properly. Among the materials distributed by #TeamMotivation were the flyers, stickers and air fresheners, with the central message of the #EnAble awareness  campaign: “People with disabilities DO NOT WANT a dedicated parking space, but they NEED it”.

Also, by attending the event, we shared more information about the way of living, needs and abilities of children and adults with disabilities. Thereby, we create the premises for increasing the degree of inclusion, at community level. Our initiative will continue by organizing a seminar at a school in Fagaras. With this occasion, our colleagues will talk to children that are present about diversity, inclusion, abilities and adapted sports.

Through the Advocacy project for community access for wheelchair users, we aim to support people with disabilities in promoting their rights and abilities. Thereby, we create the premises for increasing the degree of inclusion, at community level. The project is implemented by Motivation Romania Foundation in partnership with the Segoia Association, with the financial support of the Active Citizens Fund Romania, a program funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the 2014-2021 EEA Grants.

The first competition in wheelchair, for Angel

Angel is 27 years old and has been using a wheelchair since 2019, as a result of an accident due to falling. For him, Bikeathon 2021 was the first sport competition he attended after acquiring a spinal cord injury.

I enjoyed my first participation in a sporting event. I know it’s important to participate, but the fact that I got the 3rd place in the wheelchair users race made me ambitions and I can’t wait to start another event, as part of #TeamMotivation. At Bikeathon, I liked the energy of the people and the event itself the most- I felt the empathy and support of everyone who was there- competitors or volunteers. People cheered, applauded, shouted, even if everyone was there for a different cause, whether they were on bicycles or in wheelchairs or if they had more or less experience in sports. I will definitely return to Fagaras for Bikeathon 2022!

Bikeathon Fagaras Country took pleace on 18th-19th of September, in Fagaras. The event was organized by the Fagaras Country Community Foundation and reached its eighth edition in 2021.

The #TeamMotivation participation at Bikeathon Fagaras Country is part of a larger initiative to raise donations for the Wheelchair Fund. Motivation Romania annually donates over 1000 quality wheelchairs, new or refurbished, to children and adults with mobility disabilities, based on the needs identified by our regional teams. Each wheelchair is prescribed and donated according to the user’s needs, so that he becomes active and independent again. Some of the stories of those who received appropriate mobility equipment through the Wheelchair Fund program can be found here.

Photos: Bogdan Dincă
More pictures
from the event are available on our Facebook page, by following this link.

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