Lives changed for the better: Alex Nicholas

Lives changed for the better: Alex Nicholas

Alexandru Nicholas is one of Motivation’s youngest friends. He is 2 and a half years old and since March he has been using an appropriate wheelchair which increases his mobility. Our colleagues from the Bucharest-Ilfov team donated a Panthera Micro wheelchair, after they had conducted an assessment and had established the boy’s size and needs. Following the refurbishment and delivery of the mobility equipment, our team made sure that Alexandru had a correct position. Also, they taught Alex and his mother the first wheelchair handling techniques, so that they could use the equipment in a safe manner.

Alexandru was delighted with the wheelchair and thanked us with a wide smile. Under the guidance of his mother and with an appropriate mobility equipment, the boy has the premises of an active life in a wheelchair: he can leave the house, play and enjoy the age of childhood.

Alex is full of energy and the wheelchair he has allows him to play more, explore and try new activities. He goes out with his mother to the park and plays, does puzzles, even dares to help his mother to clean the house, even he considers this to be some sort of a game. He enjoys so much the freedom of movement he has that he moves around in his wheelchair even while learning to count, with his mother’s support.

Alex’s mother frequently sends us pictures with her son and keeps us up to date with his successes.
Their optimism and joy of living keep them going and make us happy for being able to once again #changelives for the better.

The donation of the wheelchair was made possible with the support of the Agape Foundation from Sweden, through the Wheelchair Fund program, developed by the Motivation Romania Foundation. Within this, the Foundation donates over 1000 wheelchairs annually to adults and children with mobility disabilities, based on the needs identified by the regional Motivation teams. They ensure that each wheelchair is adapted to the mobility and living needs of the users, so that they can become active and independent again.

Through the Wheelchair Fund, Motivation donates quality new or refurbished wheelchairs. Every 100 euros from the Wheelchair Fund covers the costs of transportation and refurbishment for a wheelchair and helps us change lives for the better! People who want to support the Wheelchair Fund of Motivation Romania can donate on Global Giving, here.

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