Lives changed for the better: Irina

Lives changed for the better: Irina

Irinuca, our new friend, is 1 year and 3 months old. Our colleagues from the Motivation team in Prahova have recently delivered her a Panthera Micro wheelchair, which meets her needs and which she can easily use.

The wheelchair was recommended after an assessment conducted by our colleagues, following the World Health Organization’s principles. It is very important that the wheelchair fits the size, the abilities and the needs of the user, in order to be sage and to prevent medical complications. It was the same for Irinuca. The wheelchair she received is appropriate for her dimensions and this helps her to hold and use the push rims, so she is able to move around on her own. Moreover, it provides her postural support and prevents postural deformities. She would have been exposed to this kind of complications if her wheelchair was too big. When her needs will change, we will make sure that we will also change her wheelchair, in order to be appropriate.

Irinuca’s parents are very grateful for the wheelchair and for the freedom of movement it gives to their daughter. Now, Irinuca is able to move around on her own, to play and to explore. Her older brother is her guide in this journey – he encourages her and teaches her to handle the wheelchair. So comes that Irinuca cannot wait to go and play outdoors, in her courtyard and on the street, next summer.

Join us and support the Wheelchair Fund in order to change for the better the story of a person with mobility disabilities. Donate through Global Giving, here. The donations are used to refurbish and to transport the wheelchairs donated by Motivation Romania Foundation for people with mobility disabilities from all over the country.

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