Lives changed for the better, with HARTMANN

Lives changed for the better, with HARTMANN

17 people with spinal cord injuries, who have pressure sores, receive HARTMANN products for their treatment and are permanently advised by a medical team, to ensure correct care, until the wounds completely close. This service is offered for free as part of the “Faptele mici vindeca rani” (Small deeds heal wounds) program, conducted by HARTMANN Romania in partnership with Motivation Romania Foundation, starting in September.

The 17 people were included in the program with the help of HARTMANN’s medical advisors. After an initial assessment, they selected the cases that can be treated with remote guidance. Pressures sores are major health issues, that appear when a continuous pressure is exercised on a certain body part (especially near a bony protrusion) stopping the blood from supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. Because of the lack of sensitivity and mobility, people with spinal cord injuries are some of the most exposed to these medical complications, which are life threatening.

Also as a part of the HARTMANN-Motivation partnership, 45 of our colleagues from the regional Motivation teams took part in three training courses about preventing and treating pressure sores, held by HARTMANN’s medical team.

In order to promote the importance of maintaining health and the possibility of living an independent life in a wheelchair, we and our partners published pictures and stories of people with spinal cord injuries, both Motivation trainers on independent living and participants in our active rehabilitation programs, on the website (available in Romanian). All of them have overcome obstacles, and now have active and fulfilled lives. Also on you can find more information about the support offered by Hartmann’s medical team and about Motivation’s programs.


HARTMANN’s medical team provides information and support for people who have pressure sores, through their phone counselling service, offered by free at 0800 800 943 (from Monday to Thursday, between 9 AM and 4 PM), and through their platform dedicated to patients,

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