Lives changed for the better with the support of Project HOPE and Momentum Wheels for Humanity

Lives changed for the better with the support of Project HOPE and Momentum Wheels for Humanity

More than 300 children and adults with disabilities from Ukraine and Romania will receive appropriate mobility equipment and have the freedom of movement. Project HOPE in collaboration with Momentum Wheels for Humanity donated over 300 wheelchairs and mobility equipment to Motivation Romania to distribute to beneficiaries from Ukraine and Romania.

A hand-over event was launched on November 3rd, 2022 at Motivation Romania warehouse in Bucharest.  At the event three children and one adult received wheelchairs that meet their needs and witnessed a demonstration of how to use them correctly and safely. The training and demonstration were conducted by an independent living trainer and a physiotherapist from Motivation Romania.  Motivation was honored by the presence of Project HOPE’s representatives Nazik Salih – Regional Information Officer, and Christopher Brown – Logistics Coordinator. Mihai Apostol joined on behalf of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – UNHCR, Motivation’s partner in providing mobility equipment for refugees from Ukraine.

We are grateful for this partnership, and we are happy that, through this generous donation, we can continue to offer mobility solutions for children and adults from Ukraine and Romania. The generous donation made by Project HOPE and Momentum Wheels for Humanity contributes to our goal of securing resources to meet the diverse individual needs of persons with mobility disabilities identified by our regional teams. Motivation Romania donates over 1,000 wheelchairs annually, following the guidelines of the World Health Organization in providing mobility equipment., said Cristian Ispas, General Manager of Motivation Romania Foundation.

It was an honor for me and my colleague to represent Project HOPE, and witness firsthand how this generous donation of over 300 wheelchairs has already changed a few lives. During our visit to Motivation Romania three children and one adult received wheelchairs and training on how to use them safely. Motivation Romania does an outstanding job in training and helping beneficiaries wheelchair users to continue living productive lives., said Nazik Salih, Regional Information Officer of Project HOPE.

Mobility equipment, namely wheelchairs for adults and children and walking frames, will be assembled and prepared for delivery in the Motivation workshop. They will be donated between October 2022 and October 2023, based on individual assessments made by the Motivation professionals from all over the country, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization.


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