Mariana Bădîngă, Motivation Ambassador

Mariana Bădîngă, Motivation Ambassador

I found out about Motivation Romania Foundation from a friend who was part of the Motivation Neamț team. I also heard from her about the text message donation campaign for the Wheelchair Fund. I was deeply moved by the story of the former football player Mihai Neșu, who offered us all a lesson in life and altruism through the way he worked through his own suffering, by giving himself to those who needed help. It is overwhelming to hear that a person using a wheelchair, who needs help himself, is trying to change the world and, moreover, that he feels “The greatest joy you have is when you can help someone.” So then, I thought, why shouldn`t I do it as well?

Maybe it’s not much, maybe what I do is not enough, but with a little help from many people, we will be able to give back joy to others who need it. That’s why I thought this campaign needed my help month after month.

I turned to the services of the Motivation Foundation for a friend. In addition to the fact that she received help very promptly, my friend also received help for her son, for whom she had not initially requested support.


The Wheelchair Fund is the initiative whereby you, as an individual or a company representative, give back freedom of movement to children and adults with mobility disabilities in Romania, via custom wheelchairs donated to those who need them.

The beneficiaries are children and adults who have a mobility disability from birth or acquired as a result of a car accident, a plunge, a fall from height, etc.

Give back mobility to people with disabilities through wheelchairs adapted to their needs: donate 2 euros monthly by sending a text message with the word ACTIV to 8844.

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