Positive results in the ACCESS project – July 2014

Positive results in the ACCESS project – July 2014


calita Three months after we started the project Access to Education, Services and Community for wheelchair users, financed through the 2009 – 2014 EEA grants, within the NGO Fund in Romania, we are happy to share with you this experience, as well as the first positive results.

During this period, 25 wheelchair user received home care, group support, and assisted transportation services, and their positive feedback motivated us and gave us energy to continue our work. Five wheelchair users who benefitted from assisted transportation enjoy the vacation after finishing classes in school.

Our mobile team offered home care services for eight persons, during three months. This improved their health, mobility and helped them learn essential wheelchair mobility skills. They also learned in and out of wheelchair transfer techniques, and they worked on their independent use of the wheelchair abilities, up and down some ramps and stairs.

Within the group support activities, the participants talked about their own experience, shared information with their peers, and made new friends.

Our agenda includes a camp for children with disabilities, their classmates and their teachers. The aim of this camp is the social inclusion of children with disabilities, raising awareness within communities regarding their abilities and improvement of communication with peers and teachers, through shared educational and leisure activities.

For additional information, please contact Alina Ioniţă, Project Assistant, phone: 0735.333.927, e-mail: a.ionita@motivation.ro.

For official information on the EEA and Norwegian grants, please go to www.eeagrants.org and www.fondong.fdsc.ro.


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