Ștefan Daniel Micu, Motivation Ambassador

Ștefan Daniel Micu, Motivation Ambassador

I found out online about the text message donation campaign. I wanted to help, so I decided to make my first donation. This was in September 2019, and since then, I have been a recurring donor.

A foundation like Motivation needs involvement and financial support. So, as long as I can help, I will do it.


The Wheelchair Fund is the initiative whereby you, as an individual or a company representative, give back freedom of movement to children and adults with mobility disabilities in Romania, via custom wheelchairs donated to those who need them.

The beneficiaries are children and adults who have a mobility disability from birth or acquired as a result of a car accident, a plunge, a fall from height, etc.

Give back mobility to people with disabilities through wheelchairs adapted to their needs: donate 2 euros monthly by sending a text message with the word ACTIV to 8844.






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