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24 young people with developmental disabilities from our IMPACT program attended the camp held in Văratec, Neamț County, this summer. They were split in 3 groups and enjoyed the beauty of the area, the fresh air, they played outdoors and then visited the tourist attractions from that area. Each group was accompanied by our colleagues who take care of our youth day by day and by the therapists from the Day Care Centre.

Călin (photo left) is at Motivation since he was 5 years old. In August, he will be 20. He is passionate with sports and and he enjoys joking and making other people laugh.

For him, attending the camp in Văratec is a way to build a stronger friendship with other youth from our Impact program and to make new friends.

He is always willing to explore and he loves discovering the nature. He likes that at Văratec they have a large courtyard to play football and he is always happy and fierce to prove his skills for other people.

Each year, the camp held at Văratec is awaited enthusiastically by our youth. For them, this is a great occasion to discover new things and to organize interesting activities. They create enough nice memories for a whole year. Also, the camp is a good occasion for them to apply and develop their semi-independent living skills, to take care of themselves and to relate to other people. All over the year, guided by our therapists, the young people from our Impact program take part in educational activities, which prepare them for an active community-based life.

The three camps were held between July 2-7, July 9-14 and July 16-21. The costs for 12 young people who participated in the camp were supported thanks to the runners who joined #TeamMotivation at Bucharest Marathon, in October 2017 and raised donations on the fundraising platform

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