Support for 140 refugees from Ukraine

Support for 140 refugees from Ukraine

We leave no one behind!

Between June and August 2022, Motivation Romania Foundation ran the project “Support for refugee children and adults from Ukraine” with the help of partners from the ERIKS Development Partner Foundation, from Sweden.

Throughout the duration of the project, 140 refugees from Ukraine received financial support and social vouchers to help them live with dignity and ensure their needs which were not covered or were only partially covered by other forms of governmental or non-governmental support in Romania.

At the same time, we were happy to provide counseling on accessing their rights, orientation to different forms of support in the communities where they live and also employment support. We are happy to know that there are children, beneficiaries of the project, who have started school or kindergarten and are integrated into classes taught in Romanian, and some of the adults are employed with a work contract.

We are grateful to the partners at the ERIKS Development Foundation and thank them on behalf of all the refugee children and adults from Ukraine whom we have helped together!

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