#TeamMotivation at the 2020 Bucharest International Marathon– online edition

#TeamMotivation at the 2020 Bucharest International Marathon– online edition

#TeamMotivation gives the start of the Bucharest International Marathon this year too. Between the 11th and 18th of October, people with and without wheelchairs take part in a special edition of the event, taking place online, in the context of the pandemic. The cause we support is the Wheelchair Fund – the program through which Motivation Romania Foundation donates over 1000 wheelchairs annually to children and adults with disabilities.

Everyone who wants to participate in the event calendar to support Motivation’s cause can run, wherever they are in the world, between October 11th and 18th, in one of the 42 km, 21 km, 15 km, 10 km, 5 km or All You Can Run races, on their preferred routes. You can sign up until October 10th, on the event’s website, using this link.

This year, #TeamMotivation brings together over 60 participants to the 2020 Bucharest International Marathon. Out of these, 37 people chose to raise funds for the Wheelchair Fund on the giving platform  galantom.ro. The donations received by Motivation will help us cover the cost for transporting and reconditioning wheelchairs that will be donated in 2021. Every 100 euros that are donated help us give back freedom of movement to someone, through appropriate mobility equipment. Here are some of the stories of children and adults with mobility disabilities that we have helped in this way.

Robert is running with #TeamMotivation for the first time. This is how he describes his choice: “I don’t think about how I run, or how much. It’s important that I’ll be participating, that I’ll be at the starting point and that I’ll get to the finish, and together we’ll gather donations that will help some people get their own wheelchair.”

Support our Wheelchair Fund program by donating here, so we can #change lives for the better together! Click here!

Photo: #TeamMotivation at the 2019 Bucharest International Marathon. © Bogdan Dincă

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