#TeamMotivation is getting ready for Bikeathon 2022!

#TeamMotivation is getting ready for Bikeathon 2022!

#TeamMotivation will participate again this year in the Făgăraș Country Bikeathon sports event, between September 24-25. The cycling event brings together people who want to do good in the community, join the races and raise funds for the proposed projects. As usual, our team brings together people with and without disabilities, who will participate in wheelchairs or on bicycles for a common goal – to organize seminars for 80 students from schools in Făgăraș Country and thus contribute to increasing the degree of inclusion of people with disabilities.

We are grateful to the Motivation ambassadors, who attend the event and carry on our message that abilities matter.

Iulia Opran is a producer of radio shows. She also represented #TeamMotivation last year at the Bikeathon and supports us to bring hope and mobility where they are lost and to remind people that they are not alone.

Daniel Zontea is a police officer and a cycling enthusiast. He promotes education in traffic and in general and supports our project because he wants “every child to be able to think freely.”

Ciprian Lupu is our colleague from Motivation Brașov and the first wheelchair user in Romania to become a race driver, licensed by FRAS. He supports our project because he wants a civilized country and believes that children’s education is at its foundation.

The seminars that we propose to organize in the schools of Făgăraș country as a result of our participation in Bikeathon 2022 are an opportunity to cultivate empathy, to celebrate diversity and lay the foundations for a school climate based on tolerance and respect. That’s why we want to attract as many supporters as possible to our cause.

Registrations for the event are possible until September 23, 2022, here. To choose #TeamMotivation, when registering, please select our project from the list. Among the proposed races, there is one dedicated to people using wheelchairs.
Anyone can support #TeamMotivation with a donation made on the website, on the project page.

Bikeathon Făgăraș Country is organized by the Făgăraș Country Community Foundation and reaches its ninth edition in 2022.


Through the Advocacy project for community access for wheelchair users, we aim to support people with disabilities in promoting their rights and abilities. Thereby, we create the premises for increasing the degree of inclusion, at community level. The project is implemented by Motivation Romania Foundation in partnership with the Segoia Association, with the financial support of the Active Citizens Fund Romania, a program funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the 2014-2021 EEA Grants.

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