Webinar on pressure mapping, with BodiTrak

Webinar on pressure mapping, with BodiTrak

We marked World Health Day with a webinar dedicated to professionals in the field of physiotherapy, on the topic BodiTrak – the innovative pressure mapping system for preventing bedsores and postural deformities for people with mobility disabilities. We were joined at the event by 40 specialists.

Topics covered included:
➡️ the importance of using an appropriate wheelchair,
➡️ the role of the mobility equipment, of the cushion and of the correct posture in the prevention of pressure sores;
➡️ BodiTrak – description and demonstration of use.

BodiTrak is a system that works on the basis of sensors and a software, which allow the recording of values ​​related to the pressure exerted in the sitting position. Based on the results of the BodiTrak assessment, wheelchair services professionals can make recommendations for the prevention of pressure sores, posture correction and the use of appropriate mobility equipment.

The webinar was addressed to practitioners and students in the field of physiotherapy. The presentations were given by our colleagues, Gabriela Niță and George Ștefan, based on information endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP) on the provision of wheelchair services.

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