Young people with and without disabilities have developed activities that encourage acceptance and self-confidence

51 pupils of the Gymnasium School No 1 in Bragadiru, Ilfov, participated in gardening and cooking activities with the young people with intellectual disabilities from Motivation Foundation Romania family from IMPACT program. The project “Growing Trust and Acceptance” took place between February 15 and July 31, 2017 and was supported by the Mega Image Fund for the Community funded by Mega Image Romania and managed by the Bucharest Community Foundation. The project aims to bring together community students and young people with intellectual disabilities from Motivations’s Impact program, to get involved in more diverse activities.

“The young people involved in the project, both with and without disabilities, have understood that the differences between them are not so great, especially if we are talking about the need for socialization, the joy of success and engaging in exciting activities. Even if the project came to an end, the bonded friendships will bring together again pupils from Bragadiru and young people from the Impact program,” said Daniela Ilea, Project Coordinator “Growing Trust and Acceptance”.


The activities that brought together the young people focused on practical occupations, planting seeds, planting vegetables and flowers, and harvesting fruit. In addition, young people in the project “Growing Trust and Acceptance” used the harvested vegetables as the basis of the dishes they prepared together.

“It was a beautiful experience and I want to repeat it. I met amazing, good-hearted people with whom I joked and did some very beautiful activities. These are nice people, even if they have some problems. They are amazing and have to be loved for what they are, “said Carmen, student at Gymnasium School No 1.

The project provided the opportunity for young people with intellectual disabilities taken over by Motivation from state institutions, to develop their skills and to make friends. Young people in the community have developed a positive attitude towards people with disabilities and now they take further the message of acceptance and respect for others.

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