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Cycling is our newest passion. On two wheels or four, it challenges us to overcome our limits, to wander in new places an, together with wheelchair users, to promote equality and freedom of movement for people with motor disabilities. For the first time in 2019, the MotiCyclists take part in one of the most important sportive events in the Fagaras area – Bikeathon.

Through a combination of their passion for biking and the joy of donating and support social causes, #TeamMotivation bikes on so that 8 wheelchair users can get quality equipment, fit for their needs and their environment.

Be a part of #TeamMotivation

Bike with us! Until May 31st, both you and your little tyke can join the #TeamMotivation bikers in any of the event’s races: the children’s races, the 4km wheelchair and handbike users’ race or the 10 km, 22 km, 46 km and 70 km main races.

Support the Motivation Foundation’s cause! You can help one or more #TeamMotivation bikers who will pedal for the cause this year – donation quality wheelchair for people with reduced mobility from the Fagaras area – with a donation until June 30th.

Let us know at or call Iuliana at 0728 176 179.

Become a #TeamMotivation Ambassador!

Oláh Attila is one of #TeamMotivation’s ambassadors. He is a Paralympic cyclist since 2010. He’s helping the Motivation cycling team taking part in this year’s Tara Fagarasului Bikeathon, on June 8th, to raise funds towards donating wheelchairs to people with motor disabilities from Tara Fagarasului.

Especially for people with mobile disabilities, it’s very important to be able to move with the help of mobility equipment that properly fits their own needs. Attila uses an adaptive bike that helps him train, take part in competitions and constantly overcome his limitations.

Follow in his steps and support the MotiCyclists so that together we can give mobility back to people with motor disabilities from Tara Fagarasului, with the help of personalized wheelchairs.

Come join the MotoCyclists’ team as a biker, or a donor!

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