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More and more studies show that civic spirit and workplace tolerance are directly proportional to team productivity and the organization’s economic performance.

Motivation Foundation Romania can help companies develop a sustainable corporate social responsibility program, bringing added diversity and tolerance to their team.

We can help you recruit people with disabilities for the jobs available in your company!

Our services include:

– recommending and preparing candidates from our database of people with disabilities;

– mediating the relationship between them and the employer;

– preparing the team for receiving and integrating a person with disabilities;

– sustaining the person with disabilities after the employment;

– workplace accessibility assistance for the employer (if necessary)

By hiring people with disabilities:

– you acquire loyal and motivated employees as competent as those without disabilities;

– you create a strong team, with a diverse makeup and tolerant members

– you pay the salaries of your employees with disabilities using the funds that would otherwise be due to the state;

– you develop a corporate social responsibility project that helps strengthen your company as well as the community.

To receive recommendations for candidates with disabilities, please can contact us at telephone 0733.502.257 and 0740.128.472 or e-mail and

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