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You are one of the few who make parking spaces available for persons with disabilities. You have certainly heard, at least once, one of the following reasons why other drivers have wrongly occupied these dedicated parking spots.

Too often, drivers with disabilities are spending too much looking for a parking space near the entrance of a supermarket. Persons with disabilities may be drivers or passengers.


Read here the latest news about #EnAbleParking awareness campaign.

Keep parking spaces for persons with disabilities available and share the news!

#EnAbleParking? is a question that does not expect an answer, but we often addressed it when we noticed the abuse of parking on parking places dedicated to people with disabilities. Often, they are abusively used by drivers without disabilities who do not understand their importance. That is why the #EnAbleParking? campaign aims to release parking spaces for people with disabilities in Romania.

Even if you count yourself among the few who have been interacting with people with disabilities, you may never have questioned where they are parking in the situation where the dedicated parking lot is occupied. Have you noticed that the parking place for people with disabilities is wider and closer to the entrance? Do you know why these features are important?

The #EnAbleParking? campaign answers these questions. Become our partner and tell the story further.

Check out the latest campaign news, partners who support it, what are the wrong reasons most often said by those who abusively park on dedicated places and how you can support the campaign, by clicking on the buttons below.

If you are a disabled person, we invite you to tell us your experience about dedicated parking places in a mail at comunicare@motivation.ro or on Facebook, using #EnAbleParking? hashtags in the description and #MotivationRomania.

People with disabilities do not want dedicated parking space, but they need it!


The #EnAbleParking? campaign was created with the help of volunteer specialists, present at 8 hours overtime for a good cause, an initiative belonging to friends from the Bucharest Community Foundation.

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