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How many times did it happen to you to get to a supermarket and find no parking space? To be forced to drive around several times, only to find the only available places are those for persons with disabilities. Because you were in a hurry, or because you knew you had only a few things to get and you would be quick, you left your car parked on that dedicated spot and you went shopping.

But many of us do not know how important these parking places are for persons with disabilities. These spots have added width, to enable the person to assemble and disassemble the wheelchair. Also, they are located close to the entrance of shops to make it easier for the persons with disabilities to carry their shopping cart.

You are one of the few who make available dedicated parking spaces for persons with disabilities.

You have certainly heard, at least once, one of the following reasons why other drivers have parked, by mistake, on these dedicated parking spots:

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